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We want to welcome YOU to our wonderful community and to be part of our lives. We would like to introduce our family to you.  We are a family of four.  Ron handles most of the office routine, bakes part time, and puts a few hours in the kitchen daily.  Valentina covers all aspects in the front of the house.  Nykol 14, and Neana 13 are our daughters.  
Universal flow brought us to this amazing community where our lives have been changed in incredible ways.  During our earliest time of being here, our oldest daughter Nykol got quite sick.  She spent 9 months living in 3 hospitals on Motrin, Tylenol and antibiotics.  It was a very hard time.  Before living here in Grass Valley, we lived in Sacramento, where all fast food was in our reach within minutes. We consumed what most Americans call food.  A combination of vaccines, toxic food, and toxic thinking nearly destroyed her health and our family.  Lucky for us, we met our Acupuncturist Lynn Fassler  who saved our daughter Nykol and shifted the way we fed our children and the way we are eating food.  We started to eat organic and with daily visits for treatments to Lynn Fassler our daughter was thriving. There was no doubt in our minds that her healing had a connection to proper food and proper treatments. 
The evolution of our awakening started with the illness of our daughter. Our new restaurant is a loving result of passion for spreading healing.  This is our silent revolution where we say no to poison and welcome to our lives, food that heals our bodies and mind.  We are committed to provide organic, non gmo, and what we serve, we eat.  With serving you our food, we serve our Love, that embraces all of us and allows us to connect on a frequency that promotes healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Our restaurant would not be possible without all of our community support. In fact our original location closed and we had not planned on reopening; However a large group of our regular customers and friends donated to renovate and open our current location. We are so blessed to have our dreams come true through running this business and are so happy to contribute to the well being and love of each and every person who walks though our doors. 
We thank all of You for making this happen, where our dreams have become reality. 
May you experience at our restaurant healing of your body and soul. 

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