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Inside the Pastry Cabinet
Inside the Pastry Cabinet

All of our pastries are rotated seasonally and based upon availability. This menu is a sample of our most common pastries


                          Organic $3.50

Cinnamon rolls European style dough layered with cinnamon sugar and glazed with icing

Brioche raisin rolls European style dough studded with sweet golden raisins

Cream cheese roll ups European style dough rolled up with a layer of cream cheese

Chocolate roll ups European style dough rolled up with a layer of chocolate chips

Russian berry scones Delicate scones studded with mixed berries and crunchy sugared top

Savory cheese, onion and spinach scones Tender dough with cheddar cheese and sauteed onions and spinach. For those of us without so much of a sweet tooth

Brownies The best brownies you will ever have! Dont tell grandma! A fix for any chocolate craving

Cookies Usually chocolate chip or peanut butter chocolate chip. YUM!

Muffins Bran and mixed berry muffins for a quick easy breakfast

                    Gluten Free $3.50

Brownies The best chocolate brownies ever! now without gluten

Cookies Usually chocolate chip but occasionally peanut butter chocolate chip

Scones Russian berry and or savory cheese onion and spinach

              Non Organic $2.75-$2.95

Turnovers Apple and cherry filling wrapped in sweet puff pastry

Strudel Apple and cherry filling in crispy puff pastry

Cinnamon Twist Layers of puff pastry and cinnamon sugar twisted 

Cream Cheese Croissant puff pastry stuffed with sweetened vanilla cream cheese

Chocolate Croissant Puff pastry with a delightful chocolate center

Cinnamon Roll Tender dough rolled up with a layer of cinnamon sugar and glazed with icing

Cream Cheese Danish Crispy puff pastry with a sweetened vanilla cream cheese filling

Bagels Cheddar cheese bagels and cinnamon raisin swirl

Croissant Flakey buttery perfection

Cookies Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate chip and macadamia nut, chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, m&m cookies

Custard Raisin Roll Tender pastry dough rolled up with layers of custard and sweet raisins

Bear Claw Crispy pastry with cinnamon almond filling

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